Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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Judging process
1 How will my project be judged? The product will be judged based on Inventiveness (25%), Scalability (25%), Feasibility (25%) and Depth of impact (25%). Kindly refer to this link for more details:
2 What should I prepare if I am shortlisted for the exhibition? Shortlisted participants will be required to set up their booth for judging during the Innovation Exchange. They will present their project and showcase their poster and prototype to the judges during the exhibition.
3 How long should my presentation be? Each project presentation is allocated a specific time, typically around 10-15 minutes, which includes both your presentation and the judges' questions.
4 Can we receive feedback from the judges after the competition, regardless of whether we win or not? Yes, feedback is an essential part of the learning process. Judges will provide constructive feedback on your project, highlighting strengths and areas for improvement, either through verbal feedback or written feedback afterward (via email).
5 Are the judges looking for any specific types of visuals or multimedia elements in our presentations? Clear visuals, charts, graphs, posters and multimedia elements can definitely enhance your presentation by making complex concepts more accessible and engaging.
6 How many judges will be evaluating each project, and will they specialize in specific scientific fields? Projects will be assessed by a panel of judges with diverse scientific backgrounds. The number of judges per project may vary, but efforts will be made to ensure a comprehensive evaluation.
7 What if I do not have a prototype during the exhibition? A prototype will enhance your presentation and help convey your project's key concepts and mechanisms effectively.
8 When is the release of results (for overseas participants)? Only shortlisted participants/teams will be invited to attend the IDEX Innovation Exchange (Exhibition). Results will be released by the 7 February 2024.
1 Is there any topic/theme for the whole exhibition? IDEX 2024 exhibition will showcase shortlisted projects of students (from ACSI and other schools) focusing on innovation in the areas of developing assistive technology, improving mobility, assisting care givers. The theme of IDEX 2024 exhibition is “Technology for Humanity”. The exhibition will be held on 25th and 26th March.
2 What is the size of the panels which will be provided. The panels are 1m wide and 2m tall. The tapes (already cut) for securing the poster will be provided.
3 Will power supply be available? If you need power supply for your presentation during the exhibition, please email us via