The award categories are stated below:
Award CategoryCash Prize (in SGD)
Overall ChampionS$1500




IDEX 2023 Special Awards


Award Title


SMU School of Computing and Information Systems

SMU SCIS Technology Award
(Technology Category)

The SMU SCIS Technology Award recognizes projects that use technology to make a positive impact on the lives of people, businesses and environment. Winners are awarded a workshop titled - Cher, I can be teacher also?

Cher, I can be teacher also?
Tired of going to workshops to learn stuff? We feel you. In this unique workshop, you are the teacher. Who are the students? What are you going to teach? You will find out answers for all this in your award workshop. 

The 2-hour workshop introduces you to machine learning. You will learn to build simple machine learning models in an interactive and fun way. 

James Dyson Foundation

James Dyson Rapid Prototyping Workshop
(Innovation Category)

This rapid prototyping workshop will challenge students to think like Dyson engineers – and to turn their ideas into working prototypes. We want students to discover the design process, through designing solutions to everyday problems. The 2-hour session will lead students through the Dyson design process: brainstorming, sketching, constructing prototypes and presenting their ideas – just like how Dyson engineers do it. The outcome of this workshop aims to give budding inventors the opportunity to develop their problem-solving, creativity and communication skills.  


Abbott High School STEM Internship Award
(Healthcare Category)
(17-18 year olds)*













*There will be a site visit for the 13-16 year olds. Details to be confirmed.

Designed to inspire the next generation of scientists, engineers and technology professionals, the Abbott High School STEM Internship program is more than simply completing projects and assignments. It’s about learning, growth and preparation. We know you’re looking ahead to college. This program gives you a head start in pursuing your dreams in a STEM field.  Our program also offers opportunities for you to work on meaningful projects in STEM and grow important life skills such as presentations, interviewing and teamwork. We’ve carefully selected Abbott leaders who have designed and will guide you through assignments that will immerse you in hands-on experiences, projects and initiatives that address real-world challenges in their respective areas of expertise. The program runs as a 4 week full-time internship from 29 May 2023 to 23 Jun 2023.